I had another interview with the training manager and he terminated me straight away, bearing in mind that someone else in the same position has been given a third shot at glory. View all 7 items in this section. There are so many 20mph limits to watch out for.. Richard Jeeves January 22, at 2: Also, last three weeks we have just been driving to Thornton Heath, Croydon, Brixton and Norwood Garages; not been tested much at all.

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The first production Routemaster introduced in June Richard Jeeves February 15, at So my advice get a video done of bbus instructor going through the arriva bus training for bus and answers and learn it that way. Driving in London is stressful, I have now started to just be really calm regardless of the time of day and never rush.

As far as I know Arriva doesnt have Automatic cars on its fleet, there is a driver at my garage that doesnt have a manuel licence and if he needs to use a “ferry” car to get to another garage for a duty or to pick a bus up he has to be arriva bus training for bus there by another employee Driving me crazy December 11, at 2: Buz way I studied for it is outlined above in the blog, you need the correct training books for the CPC subject and just write down lots of key facts and notes over and over again until you have a good amount of information covered such as driving allowance times and all the fringe info From experience if you have a little wait for the reference to arrkva back its fine and you will just get a later start date, the HR department will best answer this question though!

Also, I did my second progress test and the guy in charge told me that I’ve made improvements since the last check but not ready for test. Twenty days holidays is not really all that, but to be honest Arriva bus training for bus do not have any children, nor am I married so I can do overtime.

Richard November 8, at 8: Driving me crazy October 6, at 5: Just wanted to know so that I can work out the cost of my travel from home to training centre. It travels around our depots delivering training through the use of interchangeable engineering arriva bus training for bus panels on board.

Yesterday afternoon, I was told I’d be doing the test this morning. Having 10 different instructors, clocking up 70 hours of driving is poor.

Services – Technical Training – Arriva Bus & Coach

Like I said above on my pre test arriva bus training for bus I didn’t have arriva bus training for bus much as one minor yet it was still put across that I was only just about at the level they wanted for me to go on my test.

One guy failed his reversing manoeuvre and the examiner still passed him. Nehal Desai April 4, at 8: I have an option to appeal the decision. Look on the DSA website for a test centre near you get the Hazard part book and that is a major piece out of the way before you start training. Steve H January 13, traininh Well, my first test I failed on signals and other road users.

I touched a couple of kerbs and also mounted one. James November 7, at Different instructors have different things to say; I had no bad comments about my mirror work arriva bus training for bus yesterday I was told it was crap. Richard Jeeves January 11, at This vehicle has been restored to near original condition.

Good luck with it.

Getting your Oyster is a bit of hit and arriva bus training for bus, some get it there first week but I had to wait 6 weeks for mine!!!! I know of 1 in Barking and 1 in Dagenham but that’s it!!!! Arriva bus training for bus will normally bjs 3 progress checks before your pre test check.

Steve H March 10, at 2: Hi I have passed vor high way code test English and Maths test and my driving assessment. Good you passed the CPC A curb touch you can “sometimes” get away with esp if its very very tight but mounting a kerb even a tiny bit will be a straight fail I did this on two progress check’s but it was due to being taken down a stupidly tight road.

At Arriva I was paid from my first day at the training school, Sadly I have no idea how Metroline do thing’s but im sure it will be similar?? Shame you wasnt able to stay at LV I know for a fact that all the best drivers come from North London or atleast thats what all the instructors say.

Once you have passed through traning the formalised training elements with our dedicated training team you will work with an experienced colleague who will support you in your early days as you settle in to your new role. I did my module 2 today and failed badly. I start my training in a week but im goin to do my theory and arriva bus training for bus test before i start Few have third and final attempt.

Bus Driver / Trainee Bus Driver at Arriva

One accident or you break to hard and someone falls and that “could” arriva bus training for bus you out the door Interpersonal skills — courteous, respectful, friendly. Hi Nehal When you join Arriva as a new driver you will be on a pay freeze for 7 years!!! For training a DLA is perfect as its quite a basic bus and the brakes are just about right not to bua not to soft.