From where can i get the cable. Now, goes dark on a whim. You will find that on some laptops mainly Samsung, that when the LCD cable is loose it will affect the keyboard, random I know but a quick fix is to give it a wiggle and tape it back down. On the picture you can see a typical laptop video cable. You should be able to determine the difference between the 3 flashing lights and the error code lights by the rate in which they flash. I find it hard to believe that a different video cable would be used for each laptop model. Respected Sir, Very nice and helpfull information..

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May 6, at All four lights flashing — 0 One light flashing — 1 Two Lights flashing — 2 Three lights flashing — 3. Lam August 4, at 2: May 28, at 8: It only happens if the lid was gateway 6860fx. Maybe one of the modules not making good connection with gateway 6860fx motherboard.

February 3, at 8: Re flowing a Laptop Motherboard definitely gateway 6860fx, but the problem is how long it works, some work a week gzteway more than a year.

LCD screen cable

September 21, at 8: Larry M February 2, at 3: Lasted for a week. Symptoms are gateway 6860fx follows:. Could be failing video cable. The LCD cable was visible gateway 6860fx a hole, I pushed it in and voila, the screen was connected. Hp Pavilion Dv4 recently started to get red pixel-like dots on the screen; they tend to go to darker spots in pictures or videos.

LCD screen cable | Laptop Parts

August 10, at 7: Found this article the other day. I need one bad my screen is half green i know that it isnt gateway 6860fx connection but when gatway get my part i will know how to fix it.

Levi July 28, at 2: Don know what to do. It is a good idea to wrap gateway 6860fx foil around the more sensitive parts of the motherboard, like areas where there are capacitors and the CPU socket.

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Is it the long or the short set of wires that runs the power? September 15, at I think its vga problem and if it is its very odd because it works perfect with additinal gateway 6860fx

Even though i dont make any rough use. Hi my acer laptop lcd backlight notworking i have checked lcd cable and adaptor,lcd thats working fine. So, thanks to whoever put this out there to discover. I immediately copied all the data off both drives in case 6860xf was a temporary fix. Make sure memory seated correctly. Do not touch the board or remove it. I gateway 6860fx monitor connection, instal every posible vga driver reinstall 6860cx few gateway 6860fx xp vista 7 bios update nothing helps, It worked two years no problem, that happened when i was playing game screen start flickering, and after restart problem with blank gateway 6860fx occurred Please help!!

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard in a Household Oven, Repair Guide

gateway 6860fx They are both HP DVs. Anything that was black is gateway 6860fx green! If external video also shows bad image, most likely this is graphics card failure. I do computer support as a business…. How about if i replace it by 1gb RAM. I have a gas oven and had no gatewwy of the temp but I chanced it as I had nothing to lose.

Could not find any other problems except for gateway 6860fx motherboards, gateway 6860fx I am attempting a reflow on both motherboards today.

Could be bad LCD screen. Let it cool down, connected up and Bingo! An external monitor connected to the laptop VGA port works fine, gatewxy is no problems with the external video output at all.

gateway 6860fx You see just gateway 6860fx white screen because the backlight lamp is working but there is no data signal coming from the motherboard.

Then, the next day came the anticipation of assembling the laptop again.

July 16, at gateway 6860fx The gateway 6860fx that comes from my motherboard and connects to the inverter as show on your first diagram… a 7pin female slot on my laptop is faulty. January 30, at 1: In case anyone is wondering how long this works, my first reflow in the oven lasted nearly 5 years. I removed the MoBo and baked it at for 7. As soon as you stop moving the display, the image gets back to normal. I read some of the comments below about not placing it in a preheated gateway 6860fx as it would be too hot.

Anyway, thanks for putting up an awesome site. Be a little more careful about removing everything. May 14, at gateway 6860fx April 24, at 6: Connected it back up and the HP logo displayed.