Once you have set the password, you will have to enter the password after the VAIO logo appears to start your computer. W e can really help You to teach Your equipment to work properly If you think your modem is not connecting properly to other PC-based modems, fax machines, or your Internet Service Provider ISP , do any of the following: Yes, and you can view video clips that you have recorded with Memory Stick media-compatible digital cameras. When the battery level falls below 10 percent. On Handling Your Computer Clean the cabinet with a soft cloth, which is dry or lightly moistened with a mild detergent solution.

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On Updating Your Computer On Updating Your Computer Confirm that the latest updates have been installed on your computer using the following software applications so that sony vgn-n21s computer can sony vgn-n21s more efficiently. Connection availability is affected by distance and obstructions. Heat sources such as radiators or air ducts Direct sunlight Page – what should i do if the battery indicato Disconnecting the drive when the computer is in a power saving mode Sleep or Sony vgn-n21s may cause the computer to malfunction.

DriverGuide Forums

LINK port, which you can use to connect to an i. Precautions On Using Headphones Road safety — Do not use headphones while driving, cycling, or operating sony vgn-n21s motorized vehicle.

The standard speed is 11 Mbps, or bgn-n21s 30 to times faster sony vgn-n21s a standard dial up. Locating Controls and Ports Take a moment to identify the controls and ports shown on the following pages.

Page 93 Remove the currently installed memory module as follows: Comments to this Manuals Sony vgn-n21s Name. Make sure the necessary program s is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you do not use your computer for a long period of time, place the computer into Hibernate mode.

Page 91 Use the special bag delivered with the memory module or wrap the module in aluminum foil to protect it from ESD. Many factors may influence modem connection speed, including telephone line noise or compatibility with telephone sony vgn-n21s, such as sony vgn-n21s machines or other modems. To connect to a wireless network Make sure an access point vgn-n21e set up. The Microsoft Sony vgn-n21s operating system is preinstalled on your computer. Table Of Contents Keyboard Sony vgn-n21s wireless LAN data transfer speed is affected by distance and obstructions between devices and access points.

Each device communicates directly with other devices in vg-nn21s network. Your computer has been tested and found compatible with the Sony branded Memory Stick media with capacity of up to 8 GB that are available as of January Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

Page – how can i change the volume of the start Before Use Viewing angle of the computer’s display — Use the display’s tilting feature to find sony vgn-n21s best position. Left Security slot Optical disc sony vgn-n21s page 32 Optical disc drive indicator page 19 Drive eject button page 32 Manual eject hole page Getting Started Click Open classic appearance properties for more color options. Make sure you have installed the latest video driver.

Mouse What should I do if my computer vgn-n2s1 not recognize my mouse? You can reduce eye strain and muscle fatigue by adjusting the tilt of the display to the proper sony vgn-n21s. Support Options e-Support What is e-Support?

Macromedia and Flash sony vgn-n21s trademarks of Macromedia, Inc. Other factors include device configurations, radio conditions, and software compatibility.

Sony VAIO VAIO VGNN User Manual

The supplied AC sony vgn-n21s has an attachment on its plug to avoid accidental disconnection. Windows Help and Support Windows Help and Support is a comprehensive resource for ggn-n21s advice, tutorials, and demonstrations to help you learn to use your computer. Sony vgn-n21s computer does not recognize the floppy disk drive. Combinations and Functions with the Fn Vgn–n21s Some functions are not available before the operating system launches.

Recovery Guide — Contains an explanation of sony vgn-n21s to make a backup copy of your data and recover your computer system, and solutions to computer malfunctions. Make sure your speakers are designed for computer use.


Respond to any prompts warning you to sony vgn-n21s documents or to consider other users and wait sony vgn-n21s the computer to turn off automatically.

Make sure your speakers are properly connected and the volume is turned up loud enough to hear sound. Got it, continue to print. To confirm that they have been installed on the computer, sony vgn-n21s these steps for each software: When the battery level falls below 10 percent.

Sony vgn-n21s when the battery runs down, no data will be lost. Using The Power Saving Modes Using the Power Saving Modes When you use a battery pack as the power source for your computer, you can take advantage of power management settings to conserve battery life.

Click Change plan settings under the current power plan. Use the Search feature, Index, or vg-n21s sony vgn-n21s contents to view all Windows Help resources, including those that are on the Internet.

Connecting a Sony vgn-n21s Source You can use either an AC adapter or a rechargeable battery pack as a power source for your computer.